Friday, June 22, 2007

And now for something completely different...

Last Saturday, in the wee-e-e-e hours of the morning, I met Susan and Ted at Abbotsford airport for their original engagement shoot! Susan and Ted have a very sweet "meeting up" story in which Westjet airlines played a central role. Susan asked her friend Joey to arrange for our early morning sunrise (sun? what sun??) shoot on the Westjet tarmac and Joey made it happen!!

Despite my bleary eyes, some rain and a plane with a schedule to keep, we managed to get some cool shots in front of the plane that was so instrumental to their meeting! Plus, Susan & Ted got to flaunt their respective teams' jerseys - no, no competition there! ;)

Thanks you guys for your early morning smiles, cooperation and especially the Tim H's coffee!! Special thanks to Joey for making it happen - what a great opportunity!


djones said...

Dave from WestJet here.
Hi There - Congratulations on your engagement. I'd love to hear your engagement story!

(A WestJet employee and owner)

YXX Business Development said...

What a great story!!

Would you be willing to share it with the media? I'd be happy to help make that happen...

Sandy Blue
Business Development Manager
Abbotsford International Airport
604 851 4158