Thursday, February 8, 2007

my first post!

I'll admit, this is my first time posting a blog after admiring others' for so long. Very cool, very easy. I just have one comment tonight - I'm reading a great, easy read book, called "An Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life," by Amy Krause Rosenthal. Except for being organized alphabetically, the entries are pretty similar to blogs. In any case, it's a fun, easy read that will help you look at life a little more objectively and not so seriously. Read it - and then, think about:

-what random acts of kindness could you do everyday (e.g., give right of way - ALWAYS!, leave change in an obscure spot with a self-addressed postcard asking the recipient to anonymously mail it to you explaining what they did with the money)

-what did you perceive as a child only to find you were totally off-base as an adult (e.g., do teachers live at school? the first, script letter of the Bay's sign was actually a B, and not a Q that everyone understood to be a B? that dancing in front of a window, at night, allows you to see your reflection - cool, but also, unfortunately, lets everyone outside see your karaoke version of "Dancing Queen."

Try the book - Rosenthal has some great observations of life that will make you pause and look at it a little differently.